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Woj: Rival teams hope Kyrie Irving leaves Nets in order to target Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

There have been reports that Kyrie Irving and the Nets are not discussing signing an extension which sparked rumors that the former NBA champion could be headed to another team with the Lakers and the Knicks being brought up as potential suitors.

Although it is thought to be an unlikely scenario that the 29-year-old point guard would leave Brooklyn, rival teams are hoping it becomes reality as that would open door to a potential Kevin Durant trade. KD is close friends with Irving and his departure could make him want to leave too.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

“There are teams rooting for Kyrie Irving to opt-out and walk away from the Nets, believing it would give them a chance to cobble together trade packages to acquire Kevin Durant. As much as Durant asking out hangs over the Nets, there’s also the reality that four years on his contract will mean he has little, if any, voice on when or where he would be traded. This would be a small-market team’s dream, robbing a goliath of an MVP-level talent whose contractual circumstances would leave him little choice but to play for them.”

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