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Lakers ‘adamant’ of moving Russell Westbrook by giving up additional assets — report

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The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to ride with Russell Westbrook this next season amid the murmurs of misfit issues and backlash amongst their fandom. 

Because that will allow them to secure their significant war chest for years to come. 

NBA insider Marc Stein recently wrote that the Lakers are unconvinced to ship out the former league MVP this offseason, as it will also let them to attach additional assets in order to entice potential trade partners. 

The Lakers continue to signal — at least for now with three months to go until training camp opens — that they do not want to force a Russell Westbrook trade that costs them additional assets.

Westbrook is widely expected by the league circles to exercise his $47 million player option this late June. This will also allow him to at least secure a roster slot in the Lakers lineup for the 2022-2023 campaign. 

With that heavy price, several rebuilding teams may truly be willing to absorb him from Los Angeles — only if the said team is willing to give up other valuables like draft selection. 

But with LeBron James’ age and Anthony Davis’ availability, the Lakers are now also prioritizing their future positions, and that is truly justifiable on a long-term perspective. 

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