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Charles Barkley: “San Francisco needs a good washing”

Charles Barkley
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Retired NBA player-turned-TNT analyst Charles Barkley shared some of his thoughts on San Francisco: “You know the bad thing about all this rain? It’s not raining in San Francisco to clean off those dirty ass streets. It’s a great city. But all that dirtiness & homelessness – y’all gotta clean that off the streets … San Francisco needs a good washing.”

The situation is out of control with addicts coming from around the US to San Francisco to get shot. People say high rent causes homelessness but Ben, who has been homeless in San Francisco for 7 years, says the “vast majority” are homeless due to addiction. Just 6-7% are from SF. Ben says he “boosts” (shoplifts) and breaks into cars to pay for his $60/day heroin habit.

San Francisco pays addicts to be homeless, live on the street, and sell drugs to children. James says he came from Texas to San Francisco for the drugs, the non-enforcement of anti-camping laws, and the $820/month in welfare & food stamps. James says he sold fentanyl, 2 weeks ago, to a 15-year-old.

Brie says she’s been in SF for 8 years waiting for housing. During that time she said she’s been raped, stripped naked, and robbed. Men are also raped in the city’s open drug scene. Street addicts prey on each other. Witness the threats of violence made against Brie at the end.

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