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Krunoslav Simon: “Real players made those shots”

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One of the players who was unfortunate not to play at the Final 4 and help his team, Krunoslav Simon from Anadolu Efes talked to the press about the EuroLeague Final 4.

“When you are a player you always want to play. It is much harder to look from the side than participate. But I think that injuries are the part of the sport. Unfortunately, I had a bad timing but that doesn’t effect me enjoying this Final Four, and the win against Olympiacos, and Vasa’s shot. Even though I am not on the court, I am here for with the team and I am really happy for that”, said Kruno.

“The atmosphere in the Arena was so beautiful, in one moment I told it would be easier to play the game in Pionir (Aleksandar Nikolić Sports Hall), seats are little bit far there from the court. But that atmosphere is one motive more, and the real athletes knows how to appreciate that and knows to react in those situations. The best example were Shane, Vasa and Elijah. It is always pleasure to play when the atmosphere is like that. You always wish that those are your fans but it is not bad if they are cheering for the opponent”.

A lot of people are talking about Vasilije Micić and Shane Larkin when they thinking about Efes, but Real Madrid’s coach mentioned others and one of them was Krunoslav Simon.

Laso probably mentioned me because of the one shot I made in the last series against Real in the fifth game. It wasn’t the same as Vasa made but it was also important basket so he probably was thinking about that. But he is a coach that understands basketball, I respect him but I am sure we are stronger even though they have a good coach”, Simon was laughing.

Everyone was talking about Vasilije Micić’s last shot but players normally thinks that it is always easier to shoot last shot when is a tied game, so Kruno shered his opinion about that, too.

“It is all in your mind. It is easier because you have plan B. If he missed we still would have at least 5 more minutes to win, but those shots are part of the game. But the real players always made those shots”.

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