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Gilbert Arenas says he sent strippers to Wizards’ hotel at 9:01 after Flip Saunders set 9:00 PM team curfew

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On the latest episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas, the 3x All Star detailed a funny story about when head coach Flip Saunders set a team curfew for the Wizards back in 2009.

(Via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas):

“I said, ‘We have to be in at 9. He didn’t say that we couldn’t party in this MFer after 9. He just said we had to be in the hotel at 9.’ So, here’s what I did. For the strip club guys, I called DG’s. We were playing Dallas. I called DG’s Strip Club and said, ‘I need ten of your finest to come to the hotel! Make sure they wear their outfits at 9. So, they can get out of the car at 9:00, and come in the hotel at 9:01 with the sparklers, drinks, and the outfits on. 9 o’clock comes, all the coaches, they all in the lobby trying to make sure. Then all you see is a whole bunch of strippers coming in with drinks and s***. And the guys had a party.

“Shootaround the next day. Face red. He’s livid. We’re all half drunk, and asleep and s***. He’s mad. But, we couldn’t function. Everybody was asleep. They were still asleep. So, he’s like, ‘Y’all better win!’ We ended up beating Dallas. And then he was all happy and I’m like, ‘Yo, it’s their element. Sometimes people just need their comfortability. It ain’t about what they’re doing, that’s part of their routine.’”

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