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Draymond Green on his game-saving block on Jaren Jackson Jr.: “Don’t go at me for game”

Despite missing Ja Morant due a knee injury, the Grizzlies put up a real against the Warriors in Game 4 of the second round series. Yet it was not enough as Memphis dropped to 3-1 and are now facing potential elimination in Game 5.

Jaren Jackson Jr. was the top performer for the Grizzlies. He scored 21 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 34 minutes of play. The 22-year-old power forward attempted a game-tying three-pointer but was blocked by Draymond Green.

The Dubs forward broke down the play and revealed what he said after his game-saving block on The Draymond Green Show. “Jaren Jackson was having an absolutely incredible game,” he said. “We couldn’t get a stop. Otto couldn’t get a stop, Klay couldn’t get a stop, I couldn’t get a stop. None of us could get a stop on Jaren Jackson in second half.

“Down the stretch they went to him, he drove left, crossed the middle of the paint, he misses Steph Curry gets the rebound, they go back to Jaren for three I get a block. For the lip readers out there, I simply said ‘Don’t do that for game.’ He’s having a great game, but don’t go at me for game. I don’t like that. It’s disrespectful.”

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