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Miles Bridges takes full accountability for hurting a fan after throwing his mouthpiece

Photo: Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports

Painfully seeing their season slowly crumbling again in a miserable fashion while enduring one of his career’s toughest nights, Miles Bridges wasn’t able to handle his overflowing emotions. 

Walking to the locker room in the fourth frame upon being slapped by back-to-back technicals, Bridges silently targeted an Atlanta Hawks fan who seemed taunting his ejection. 

Unfortunately, he hit the wrong person. 

The 24-year-old forward mistakenly hurled his mouthguard against an innocent young woman. The said lady fan looked shocked at what happened, and Bridges just proceeded to the dugout while trying to calm himself amid the frustration. 

Following the crushing defeat of his Charlotte Hornets in the Play-In, 132-103, Bridges immediately take full accountability for his action and called the attention of NBA Twitter to help him reach out to the fan that he hurt. 

And right at the post-game, he spoke about the disappointment he had in the game and the mistake he did upon the exit. 

“I was upset about a couple [of] calls,” Bridges told reporters, via team insider Zach Aldridge. “I let my temper get to me. That was the wrong thing to do by throwing my mouthpiece … That’s out of character for me, it was definitely wrong.”

For the second-straight year, Bridges and the promising Hornets came up short in the Play-In tournament and failed to advance to the next stage of the season. They haven’t reached yet the NBA Playoffs since the 2015-2016 campaign. 

Grabbing the full accountability for his mistake is only a must-thing to do for Bridges, but the league will definitely hand him punishment for that shocking recklessness and unprofessionalism. 

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