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Jay Williams on Lakers: “It has one of the poorest cultures in the NBA”

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The expected news of the Lakers firing their head coach Frank Vogel received mixed reactions due to how the situation was handled by the team’s front office. Specifically, how the news reached Vogel through the media and not through the management.

Former NBA player and current analyst Jay Williams saw this as a symptom of a poor culture within the team which makes the Lakers job one of the worst in the league.

According to Williams, there are too many people trying to manage the team, leaving the head coach very little autonomy. He went on to make specific examples of that.

“The Lakers are one of the worst jobs in the NBA. It has one of the poorest cultures in the NBA,” Williams said on Keyshaw, JWill & Max. “Ty Lue turns down the job because they want to control who’s on his staff. That is a problem…

“That’s still a symptom of a bigger problem that there are a lot of kooks in this kitchen. You have Rob Pelinka, you have Kurt Rambis sitting inside coaching meetings telling Frank Vogel who his starting lineup should be after this man’s won a championship.

“You have Jason Kidd who decides to turn down the job. You have Monty Williams, the coach of the Phoenix Suns, the best team in the NBA, that says ‘I don’t like this culture, I’m going to turn down the job.’

“You have roster moves being made for a coach who’s a defensive-minded coach and they change the roster without really even consulting him, losing KCP (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope), losing Alex Caruso.

“You tell me when you have Jeanie Buss, who’s trying to control things with Rich Paul (LeBron’s agent and business partner), you have LeBron James and Rich Paul trying to jock you for position, you have Kurt Rambis who is sitting inside coaching meetings, you Linda Rambis who is consulting Jeanie Buss, you have Rob Pelinka who is working in his angles, you have Magic Johnson who is making comments on things here and there. What kind of culture is that?!”

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