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Billy Donovan opens up about Zach LaVine’s knee injury

Zach LaVine-Bulls
Photo: Nick Wass/Associated Press

Bulls star Zach LaVine has been dealing with a nagging knee injury for a while. According to the team’s head coach Billy Donovan, the issue is not the pain, which the shooting guard does not feel.

What causes problems for LaVine is the swelling which creates stiffness and tightness in his knee limiting his mobility and explosiveness on the court.

The former Dunk Contest champion was given a new treatment which appears to help him deal with the issue. The question is will it keep him playing till the end of the season.

Via Joe Cowley of Chicago Sun Times:

“The biggest thing, and what people need to understand about this too, is he is not dealing with pain,” Donovan continued. “That’s not the issue. The issue is sometimes he gets some swelling, some stiffness and tightness in there, and he doesn’t feel like he has all the way his mobility, flexibility, explosiveness, that kind of stuff. [Monday] he feels much, much better than he did before he did this. Now the biggest question is going to be can he feel this way until the end of the year?’’

This season LaVine is averaging 24.6 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game for Chicago.

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