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Malik Monk after Spurs game: “I can’t go 1-7”

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Lakers sharp-shooter Malik Monk struggled with his shot from beyond the arc during the game against the Spurs. The 24-year-old guard was one of the top scorers for his team with 17 points but made just 1 of 7 three-pointers.

After the game he took responsibility for missing the shots he usually makes. “I got to hit a couple more shots. I can’t go 1-7 or 8-22,” Monk said. “What you just said, I take full responsibility on that. Not being LeBron but taking a little more of a load that I do when he’s there. I can’t go 1-7.”

Despite the loss, the Lakers stay in ninth place in the Western Conference. They are three games above the eleventh-placed Trail Blazers.

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