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Derek Fisher shares his thoughts on Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Lakers
Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Russell Westbrook has been having a bumpy season thus far in terms of individual performances. Since joining the Lakers in summer, the 33-year-old point guard has been adjusting to a new role on the team.

According to Derek Fisher, who won five NBA championships as a Laker, Westbrook appears to be more relaxed at this stage of season than he was before. He would like to see Russ put more effort on the defensive end though.

“He seems to be more relaxed even though he is still playing hard,” Fisher said on Spectrum SportsNet. “Whether that’s a mental adjustment. Honestly, as good as we’ve seen Melo at home and not as efficient on the road, one could argue that Russ is better on the road.

“I think in Orlando and in Miami the decision making, not playing too fast, I think there was only one possession where he played a little fast late in that game in Miami that cost a team I think a turnover.

“He seems to just be in a balanced place which I think is good to stay in. Hopefully he bring that same type of production, limit their mistakes and really I think try to lead the team even more defensively and offensively because he can be a dog on the defensive end when he locks in.”

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