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Draymond Green hits doubters of Stephen Curry, Warriors in upcoming show

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Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green claps back against the critics of his team and two-time MVP teammate Stephen Curry who doubted them after the painful shortcomings from the past two seasons.

Posting a snippet of the pilot episode of his very own Draymond Green Show on Instagram, the three-time champion voiced out the claims of those people who counted them out after the ending of the 2019 season — wherein they failed to go for a three-repeat against the Toronto Raptors, unable to convince Kevin Durant to re-sign, Klay Thompson ruled out due to gruesome injuries, and coming up short to reach the postseason in 2020 and 2021.

“During those times, a lot of f****** people wrote us off. The dynasty’s over. Draymond’s washed, he can’t do this, he can’t do that. Steph Curry has no help, he can’t carry a team. You go down the list. You have to know the disrespect is unbelievable, by the way. Klay [Thompson] keeps talking about it. Klay keeps speaking on it. Klay doesn’t talk about any f****** thing. Klay doesn’t even f****** talk.”

The Warriors are comfortably sitting atop of the NBA standings, etching a 12-2 record even without Thompson and second-year man James Wiseman. On Tuesday, they outlasted Durant and the Brooklyn Nets inside Barclays Center, 117-99, after a brilliant 37-point performance from Curry.

Who knows what would unfold for the next several months, but it may be safe to assume that the Warriors have risen from the ashes. As they established their very own dynasty from the last decade, here they are once again — striking fear amongst other teams within the league. 

The Warriors will land in Cleveland for a match against their former rivals in Cavaliers on Thursday.

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