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Frank Vogel reacts to Anthony Davis’ 34-point game vs. Spurs

Frank Vogel
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Anthony Davis had a game-high 34 points helping the Los Angeles Lakers prevail over the San Antonio Spurs. He also grabbed 15 rebounds for a solid double-double.

During the first half, the 28-year-old forward made 9 shots inside the paint, but the Spurs adjusted in the second half and the Lakers had to look for other ways how to get the most out of their offense.

“That’s what we talked about.. first just resetting our focus to get [Anthony Davis] the ball in the post,” Frank Vogel said postgame. “We’re trying to be a movement offense this year. Sometimes it doesn’t find him enough. We established him early in the game and we also worked offensively to be a multiple-action offense.

“After the game the other night we’re like we’re just not getting to the next man well enough. I think all the guys that were out there Wayne, Malik, Russ, Rondo, Melo even were finding him as a dynamic roller, you know what I mean? We just didn’t let the things stall us out the the unders and the switches and whatnot and we’re able to the ball to him on rolls and into post.

“And then obviously the second half when they brought extra help on his rolls and doubled in the post, he found shooters on the back side, found Russ at the rim on that one play late and really did a good job making plays.”

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