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Frank Vogel addresses Lakers’ collapse vs. Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves snapped a six-game winning streak by taking a big win over the Los Angeles Lakers (107-83) at Staples Center.

The game was pretty even for the first two quarters, but it was followed by a collapse by the hosts. The Lakers lost the third quarter 12-40. Minnesota was able to win the final period by one point as they held on their lead.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was not happy with the effort his team made in this game. “It was everything [energy and effort],” he said postgame. “Obviously our effort hasn’t been good enough in the third quarter consistently throughout this season. We’re talking about it and we’re challenging our guys to be better.

“I don’t know what it was. We get in control early in the game, we play well to start executing the plan. We’re playing against a team that shoots the most threes in the league and they have that ability to go through stretches where they get really hot.

“That happened around the same time where we were getting beat to loose balls, we were keeping our man in front of us, weren’t taking pride in protecting the rim. I think we lost like four or five loose balls consecutively. We got to be better with that and then obviously on the other end we start pressing.”

Lakers Postgame: Frank Vogel (11/12/21)
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