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Sneak Preview: Tyler Herro’s ‘Super Herro Summer’ docuseries

The young Miami Heat star had an eventful summer.

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Tyler Herro is the star of an upcoming docuseries called Super Herro Summer, with the guard poised to enter his third NBA season as a player for the Miami Heat. Herro gave the Heat a timely boost in the playoffs as a rookie in 2020 but his second season in the league wasn’t up to the standard he set.

The former Kentucky star is now out to prove his rookie campaign wasn’t just a flash in the pan and, in a show produced by Overtime set to debut on October 10, will take fans behind the scenes of an offseason in which he put on muscle, became a father and, of course, had some fun.

You could check out a teaser right below.


Super Herro Summer will premier on Overtime’s YouTube page at 12:00 PM ET this Sunday.

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