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Kyle Kuzma on Orlando bubble: “We like to call it prison for athletes”

Kyle Kuzma

The final stage of the 2019-2020 NBA season was tough for the players as they had to spend three months at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. Former Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma shared his experience from the bubble, comparing it to prison.

His team left Orlando with the Larry O’Brien Trophy, but the path to it was difficult due to the players being used to living ‘extremely comfortable’ life which they did not have in the bubble.

Via Nico Martinez of Fadeaway World:

“It was hard just being there. Being in the bubble, that’s not our lifestyle. We like to be extremely comfortable when we’re not on the court. We wanna be home, chillin’ in your house, in a nice sofa, watching a movie. You don’t want to be in Mickey Mouse’s house, in 300 square feet for three months,” Kuzma said.

“We like to call it prison for athletes. That’s what it was. We couldn’t leave, nothing. It’s kind of like the movie ‘Get Out’ or something. You just do the same thing every single day. That was like walking the same hall every day, passing by Jimmy Butler every day, passing by somebody else.”

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