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Pixellot’s integration of GoPro HERO9 Black is a game changer. Here’s why

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Written by Miguel Bullon, CEO of NBN23, and edited by Yiannis Bouranis, Chief Editor of TalkBasket.net

It’s no secret that ‘GoPro’ has completely revolutionized the way in which people capture and share their personal moments with the world, so much so that over the course of the last decade, the portable/wearable camera market has grown at a staggering pace. For example, studies estimate that the space is expected to reach a valuation of USD $10.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 18.2%.

Furthermore, over the years, GoPro has continued to push the limits of portable recording, with the company’s latest initiative — ‘Open GoPro’ — allowing third party developers to integrate the firm’s HERO9 Black module into their operational frameworks. As a result, it is now possible to control one’s principal device via an externally developed app. 

In this regard, Pixellot Action is an Open GoPro compatible, Ai-Automated sports production/streaming solution that allows users to live-stream sporting events professionally. The platform is designed to help users get the best out of their cameras, allowing them to tweak/adjust a wide range of settings that are not traditionally available on most native camera interfaces.

The 2021 NBA Finals averaged 9.91 million viewers on ABC for the six-game series, up 32% vs. the six-game 2020 NBA Finals (Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers). 

Pixellot can help revolutionize basketball 

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Third in popularity to soccer and cricket and growing fast. The 2021 NBA Finals averaged 9.91 million viewers on ABC for the six-game series, up 32% vs. the six-game 2020 NBA Finals (Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers). 

Furthermore, with the sport fast making inroads into a number of untapped regions across Africa and Asia, there is enough evidence to suggest that basketball is going to continue to dominate the global sporting landscape.

That said, Pixellot affords users the ability to capture full sporting events much like the way in which a professional crew does. For example, one can set up their GoPro at a basketball game. Once the device has been linked with the cloud, it is possible to edit the footage in post-production and stream a product that comes replete with live scores, a ticking game clock and even player stats.

Furthermore, by having the ability to professionally record one’s on-court performances inexpensively, it is possible for teams/players to analyse their in-game moves, skills and make adjustments accordingly. Not only that, with the current covid-induced fear climate that most people have to live in, Pixellot makes it possible for family members to show support for their loved one’s by allowing them to watch their games from the safety of their homes. 

Bringing transparency to each and every game

One of the biggest issues that has plagued the basketball world for a long time now is that of poor officiating, with many analysts suggesting that in the past high-profile leagues, like the NBA, may have tried to push their referees in a certain direction in order to facilitate certain revenue generating matchups. And while this debate continues to go on from barbershop to barbershop, one thing that most basketball fans can agree upon is that the quality of officiating these days can be improved upon.

In this regard, Pixellot makes it possible for referees, operating with limited resources across smaller leagues, to obtain gameplay footage, allowing them to make much better calls. Not only that, the ability to record voluminous amounts of audio/video helps level the playing field when it comes to providing exposure to women and younger players, as it enables them to get their events broadcasted as well.

Looking ahead

As things stand, there’s no real way to gauge the level of impact remote A/V devices can potentially have on the sporting world, especially with the integration of open API systems that allow third-party software solutions to handle popular mainstream gadgets like the GoPro. Today, NBN23 is producing thousands of games using GoPro cameras and streaming them to fans using Pixellot’s technology and cloud on its digital platform. Fans receive video along with data coverage straight from official scorer’s tables. 

That said, it stands to reason that as more and more organizations start to stream the activities of their players — allowing for even more external participation — the future of fan engagement will completely change.

Miguel Bullón CEO of NBN23 – Digitizing basketball 

“NBN23 came into existence with the singular purpose of improving the game of basketball via the use of various modern technological tools. Our solutions not only help optimize the sports’ various organizational/management aspects but also allows players, technicians, and fans to maximize their experience by providing them with real-time game data. NBN23’s presence spans over 35 countries with its offices being located across major markets including America, Europe and Asia.”

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