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Kevin Garnett says Anthony Davis should ‘get to another level of improving his body’

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Keving Garnett shared his thoughts on Anthony Davis’ durability through the season and how the Lakers’ superstar has to improve his body going forward.

Davis faced multiple nagging injuries during the regular season and the playoffs, being unable to help the Lakers when it matters.

The most recent one being a groin injury at the end of Game 4 against the Suns, which undoubtedly cost the Lakers the series vs. Phoenix.   

In a recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show”, the Celtics’ legend claimed Davis has to work on his body to be successful for the rest of his career.

(via thesportrush.com):

“Whatever he has been doing for the last ten years, it’s not working. He should not be out of shape during the regular season.” 

“Let’s just keep this real, LeBron came to L. A to not just to leave out the league on a great note with a great establishment like the Lakers.

He wanted to play with a younger version, similar to what D-Wade did to him in Miami. He came to L. A to continue the legacy the Championship Legacy and  spirit and right now he (Anthony Davis) isn’t doing that.”

Kevin Garnett on the Dan Patrick Show Full Interview | 6/4/21
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