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2021 EuroLeague Final Four: The Aftermath – Anadolu Efes closes the season in a triumphant way

Anadolu Efes FC Barcelona 2021 EuroLeague Championship Game
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In a totally different environment than the one we were used to, Anadolu Efes triumphed over FC Barcelona and won the 2021 EuroLeague Championship.

This was the first-ever EuroLeague title for Anadolu Efes, whereas FC Barcelona will need to wait another season to climb to the top of Europe.

What did we see, though, in the 2021 EuroLeague Final Four that took place at Lanxess Arena in Cologne?

The strict Health and Safety protocols of the EuroLeague gave us a completely different version of the Final Four this season.

With no fans in attendance, there was less intensity off the floor, but one could hear everything the coaches and players were saying during the games.

The Media Tribune was less crowded than usual, as only a limited number of journalists received credential for the event. At the same time, access to players was limited to just the Mixed Zone and the press conferences.

In the city of Cologne, nothing indicated that the EuroLeague Final Four was taking place. The fact that no fans of the four qualified teams traveled to the city was the main reason for that, however it appears there was not enough promotion of the event.

However, Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany and it is worth visiting either for vacation or work.

On the court, we saw some exciting matches. Especially the two semifinals stole the spotlight, as both were decided in the final shot.

For its part, Armani Milano showed why they deserved to be in the Final Four, whereas CSKA Moscow will attempt to make a comeback next season.

Anadolu Efes proved they have been the best team in the EuroLeague over the last three years, while FC Barcelona failed to win its first EuroLeague title since 2010.

Last but not least, EuroLeague Basketball deserves credit for finishing the season in the best way possible, as the Final Four should be considered a success, given the pandemic, the several restrictions and the impressive games we watched.

CEO Jordi Bertomeu expects fans to return next season, with arenas in full capacity by Christmas, while the host of the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four will be announced by late June.

TalkBasket.net and its Chief Editor Yiannis Bouranis were in Cologne and brought to you all the action, covering the EuroLeague Final Four for another season.

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