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Pau Gasol has his sights set on winning the ACB and the EuroLeague with FC Barcelona

Pau Gasol FC Barcelona EuroLeague
Photo: Twitter/Barca Basket

Pau Gasol returned to FC Barcelona after 20 years and opened up about his goals with the Spanish powerhouse this season.

Gasol made it clear he wants to return to shape and help FC Barcelona win the title in both the ACB and the EuroLeague.

“I came to be part of an ambitious project that has shown its strength both in the ACB league and in the Euroleague, in addition to recently winning the Copa del Rey.

My wish is to make my experience and skills available to the club at key moments of the season and help the team win the two titles that remain to be played.

I am aware of the responsibility that comes with wearing the Barça shirt once again and I will do everything in my power to help the team achieve its objectives,” Gasol told the Spanish website Expansion, via Eurohoops.net.

Gasol has been medically cleared to play for FC Barcelona, however he has to get in shape first, as he hasn’t played since 2019.

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