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Frank Vogel on Lakers’ final shot vs. Heat

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alex Caruso had the chance to tie the game for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Miami Heat, but it didn’t go in and the reigning NBA champions recorded their 9th loss of the season.

The final play of the game started with LeBron James interrupting an inbound pass to Jimmy Butler. On offense, James was stopped by two defenders and chose to pass the ball to Caruso who missed the shot.

According to Frank Vogel, it was a good play and the Lakers would take such shots. “We knew they were gonna try to get it to Butler,” he said. “He’s their best free-throw shooter. We started with somebody on the ball but dropped off to double team and tried double-team deny him and we’re able to force a turnover. It creates a scramble situation. I have to look at the tape to see what else may have been available but I thought we got a pretty clean look, a chance to win the game, just didn’t fall.”

Game recap:

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