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Lakers’ LeBron James remembers Kobe Bryant: “Legends never die”

A year has now passed since the death of Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers organization still feels his absence very much.

This is confirmed by LeBron James who, after the game against the Chicago Bulls, said: “Man, it’s a saying that time heals all,” as reported by CNN.

The Lakers, after the tragedy, have always commemorated Kobe with their ‘Black Mamba’ jerseys, wearing them in the playoffs. Now, the Lakers are back to play at Staples Center where Bryant’s 8 and 24 jerseys are in full view.

“Everyone has their own grieving process,” LeBron James said. “Us being able to remember him, wearing [Mamba] jerseys during the postseason and have the postseason we had … we have a lot of guys wearing his shoes, I’m able to wear the two-four on my finger every night and then when we play at Staples Center you see the eight, two-four in the rafters to live his legacy on.

“It’s a lot of things that die in this world, but legends never die, and he’s exactly that. So it’s all about representing that.”

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