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Ricky Rubio upset about getting traded to the Thunder

Photo: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Rubio expressed his displeasure for getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder from the Phoenix Suns.

Rubio said he didn’t expect this move from the Suns and has been disappointed with how things turned out.

“It was a surprise, especially because of the communication that there has been. When the rumors about my transfer, I called my people and they told me that my name was not on the table.

By signing a contract you accept the conditions, but there are ways and means. Players are privileged, but those who are in charge of these things have to understand that, in addition to being players, we are also people.

It is not a dish of good taste that when you are involved in a project, you leave your skin and are working hard, but at the first chance you have to go,” Rubio said to ‘La Ventana’, per MARCA.

The Thunder are not expected to keep Rubio, but they will pursue to trade him.

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