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Frank Vogel denies the Lakers voted to stop the NBA season

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Frank Vogel revealed the backstory in the aftermath of the players’ strike that was a result of Jacob Blake’s shooting.

When Blake was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Bucks opted out of the first game of the opening playoff round against the Orlando Magic.

The rest of the league followed, as the players met to decide whether they were going to continue to play or scrap the season once and for all.

The players voted to resume the season eventually with several players being reported that they wanted to stop play and boycott the league.

However, according to head coach Frank Vogel, who joined ESPN’s Zach Lowe podcast recently, the Lakers were not among one of those groups that wanted to abandon the season.

(via SB Nation):

“Obviously we had a couple of guys that were heavier-hearted on the social justice issues, so while all that was going on, I thought there was potential for us to not finish, but I just knew where our particular team and our leadership was, there was a desire to finish. So I always felt like it would get done.

“When that report came out that quote-unquote ‘the Clippers and the Lakers voted to not finish the season,’ I was shocked, I was floored, I didn’t really understand it. We met with some of our guys to get their perspective and it was really just like an unofficial poll of like how (they were) feeling in the moment, you know what I mean?”

The Lakers and the rest of the NBA teams opted to remain in the ‘bubble’ to finish the season. As a result, the Lakers became the 2020 NBA champions, after a long season of trials and tribulations on and off the court.

You can listen to Zach Lowe’s full conversation with Frank Vogel here:

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