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Dwight Howard on what it would feel like to win the NBA title with the Lakers

Photo: Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports

For Dwight Howard, the second spell with the Los Angeles Lakers could be not only better in terms of team chemistry, but he could also win his first NBA ring.

According to Howard, winning a championship in LA would be the best feeling in the world. The Lakers could do that tonight if they win Game 5 against the Miami Heat.

“I would say it’d be like the best feeling in the world. It’s something that, I’m just glad right now I’m not in tears, but when I’m at home, in the morning before I get up and got to practice I just really think about that,” Howard said SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“Just how fulfilling it would be to win a championship with the Lakers, considering all the things that we have been through. It seems like we’re like a big family. You know, like, the prodigal son leaving and coming back home, so it’s kinda like that feeling. For me, it’s like the best feeling in he world. Just knowing that we have this opportunity in front of us to win a championship.

“I think how great that’d be for this city. We’ve seen so much, we’ve through so much. That emotional roller coaster of being on top and losing everything and then seems like you’re gaining it all back. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but for me it’s like the hard work, the dedication, the tough times it’s like it’s almost over with.

“So I’m just going to stay the course. I’ve always been a person that has never given up, no matter how hard the situation may be. And I’m just looking forward to hoisting up that trophy celebrating when we get back to LA.”

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