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Tim Pool: “Please, please boycott the games”

LeBron James
Photo: nbcsports.com

Tim Pool, a journalist, YouTuber, and political commentator reacted to the news that the NBA players are discussing boycotting the games in response to the Jacob Blake shooting. He was at disbelief while reading a Yahoo Sports article on the issue, thinking it was fake news.

“You know what? Your ratings are in the gutter. I say we just end the NBA. How about that? We just shut it down. It’s not essential right. There we go,” Pool said referring to the fact that the NBA playoff ratings on ESPN dropped by 40%.

“Please, please boycott the games. Please do it. I support you. Boycott all the games. Every single one of those 60% that are still watching the NBA, I have to imagine a large portion are not woke and they’re going to be like ‘why is the dude not playing? why is the game not happening?’ And they’ll walk away from your dumb woke game.”

The future of the current NBA season remains uncertain with some players reportedly wanting to boycott the remaining games. There is also a substantial amount of players who want to finish the season.

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