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Kevin Durant injury

DeAndre Jordan on Kevin Durant: “He’s progressing great, he’s recovering fast”

DeAndre Jordan talked about the recovery process of his friend and teammate in the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant. Here is what Jordan told Gothamist during...

(2013) DeAndre Jordan’s poster dunk on Brandon Knight


The LA Lakers reportedly interested in DeAndre Jordan and Brook Lopez

According to Brian Windhorst, the Los Angeles Lakers will be interested in the Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez and the New York Knicks center...

Interrupted Boban Marjanovic and DeAndre Jordan’s reunion


DeAndre Jordan and Dennis Smith Jr. will start for the Knicks against the Grizzlies

The New York Knicks announced that center DeAndre Jordan and point/shooting guard Dennis Smith Jr. will make their Knicks' debut in the starting lineup...

Kristaps Porzingis goes to the Dallas Mavericks

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of the ESPN, the New York Knicks have traded power forward/center Kristaps Porzingis, shooting guard Courtney Lee and shooting guard...

DeAndre Jordan on Doncic: “He’s still a kid”

Following a controversial episode, during which DeAndre Jordan pushed Luka Doncic to grab the rebound in the matchup against the New York Knicks on...

Luka Doncic facing selfishness of his teammates in Dallas?

Despite having a great start of his NBA career stats wise, it's not all that rosy for Luka Doncic in Dallas. His teammates, established...
Yahoo Canada Sports

Dirk Nowitzki: “Luka Doncic will bring a lot to the table”

Dirk Nowitzki talked to the media and was optimistic for the Dallas Mavericks ahead of the new season, while also praising Luka Doncic and...
Sporting News

Dallas Mavericks to acquire DeAndre Jordan

According to Marc Stein, DeAndre Jordan is set to leave the Los Angeles Clippers and sign with the Dallas Mavericks. After spending 10 years in...

DeAndre Jordan airballs free throw, USA bench laughs

Team USA are 2-0 in exhibition play as they routed China 106-57 in Los Angeles in the early hours of this morning. Among the many...

Daily Gossip, Sunday 15/3/15 (Saturday, too)

http://gty.im/153851223 After searching around for gossip for two days, we decided to combine Saturday and Sunday together.  He has been seen to air ball free throws,...

Daily Gossip, Monday 2/3/15

http://gty.im/161214068 Somewhere in the USA, Shaquille O'Neal is in mourning. The Shaqtin' A Fool favourite has been waived. Oh well, there's always Kendrick Perkins. JAVALE MCGEE WAIVED...

Daily Gossip, Sunday 4/1/15

http://gty.im/452250140 We begin the gossip column mourning the loss of one of broadcast journalism's finest reporters. STUART SCOTT PASSES AWAY, AGED 49 Legendary SportsCenter presenter Stuart Scott...