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The road to my dream/Kelias link mano svajonės
Hello everyone. My name is Simas Baranauskas. It's my last year in school and I'm trying to be ready for my dream future career - basketball related job. From time to time I'm going to write how am I doing.

This time I've blogged about
  • What modern children basketball coach should be like?
  • What the communication with children should be like?
  • Taking money for my hobby is a bit scary for me.
  • Back to the basketball court as a player.

You can find more about it on my blog.
Getting more and more experience :

Hi, dear readers. Sorry for the long pause. I've been very busy due to school and practices that it made me very tired. Now it's holidays so finally I have some free time time that I can spend writing about my way.

Coaching : learning from mistakes; planning practices;
Refereeing : new step in my career;
Away game in Bamberg with Zalgiris fans.

You can find all that and more at:
Welcome. It would be nice to see you posting around on the forum here so that we get to know you better Smile
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