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Talented players in the Ex-Yugo Republics and the Balkans
Dino Butorac is a nice person, a great fighter but also a kind of gentleman in basket...That can confirm many of his friends...Mitrovic‡, Å ehovic‡, Jaramaz, Sloukas...Albicy...
Could someone please tell me more about Josip Mikulic,Aleksandar Cvetkovic and Nenad Miljenovic?

Thanks already for the effort
Slovenian basketball prospects
I've got a few other Bulgarians... they are a bit older, but still talented and can develop into something good. First is Pavel Marinov (198-G-1988). He plays for Tundja Yambol in the Bulgarian League and has been showing progress every season since he got into the men's team. At the age of 22 he alredy has more than 120 games at the highest level in Bulgaria, he's really athletic and he keeps on improving his shooting. Here's one of his blocks. He's been on the extended NT roster in the last two years and I think he can be a pretty solid player for a good level European team.

The other guys is also from Tundja Yambol, the name is Martin Durchev. He is 23, a swingman, he can also play as two guard if needed. His shooting routine is kinda weird, but I can tell you that he makes it rain from long range, and his big, 203-cm tall, he just needs to get some more weight and get stronger. Durchev almost signed with Siauliai in Lithuania this season, but something didn't work out well in the last moment.
Quote:Many people in Croatia think Dario Saric is the most talented young player in Europe...Others believe in Bojan Bogdanovic...but my opinion is that Dino Butorac will be the next Croatian NBA player...

Hi evrobody!

Sir, I know from Croatian forum (NKF) that you are Dino relative, he is great person and good player, but please don't do him bad favors. You will do to him same as you did on NKF, make him evrybody's joke by turnig him into something that he is not.
Highlights of KK Zagreb juniors, winners of Euroleague NIJT

15 Dario Saric 206 94. PG/SF/PF
7 Dominik Mavra 195 94. PG/SG
11 Mario Hezonja 198 95. SG/SF

Highlights of Croatian U-18 junior league MVP, Mislav Brzoja (198 94. SG) who plays for Dubrava, Croatian U-18 champions

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