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Papaloukas' return to Greece: mistake or right decision?
(Nov 4, 2010, 12:04 pm)straight forward Wrote: I still think Langdon. Holden and Smodis will tell their words in do or die games (when youngster will shake their legs) and Siskauskas is still the best player in Euroleague with Navarro, IMO. But let's not go too far.

Siska was one of the 3 best players in Euroleague along with Navarro and Spanoulis. That's in the past. He's not that level anymore. He's still one of the top 5-10 players, but not the best anymore, which he probably was once. Holden and Smodis should already be retired and Langdon is nearing that territory.

These guys are no longer to the time of having one last run in them, they are past it now, just like Saras.

Siska is still at the stage where he has another run left in him, like Papaloukas. But he is injured and at his age he won't come back from that quickly. I just cannot see how CSKA could possibly make the final four. They are far from that level IMHO.

PG Gordon
SG Langdon
SF Siska (healthy)
PF Khryapa (healthy)
C Kaun (healthy)

And then with Bykov, Sokolov, and Vorontsevich..........that 8 man rotation could make the Final Four IF healthy. Aalthough keep in mind that Gordon still cannot shoot at all so that would still not be a given. They are not healthy though and the chances would be very small for them to make it because of all those injuries. And the guys like Holden and Smodis are not much help anymore to be honest.

Holden is still good on defense but his offense is now awful. Smodis is still good on offense and rebounding but he can't guard anyone anymore. I know that on paper, CSKA looks like a top 3 team, maybe even the best. But with the injuries and the age they are not nearly as good as they appear to be on paper.

Just remember what happened to the PAO super team in 2007-08.
The topic of this thread is Papaloukas' return to Greece: mistake or right decision?

It's not about CSKA, or if he's as good as Siska or Saras.

I do think he made the right choice to come back to Greece, because this was where he wanted to finish off his career. I don't think he has much more to prove himself as a player, he's received most of the accolades a professional player could ever want, my feeling is that he would love to end his career on a high with a triple crown playing for Oly.
[Image: paok0bw.gif]
Papaloukas is till a great player. In my eyes he's still one of the best playmakers in Europe.

He gets older but he's still very smart and knows what to do with the ball. Every playmaker can learn from him

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