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Maccabi Tel Aviv 2009/2010
Limonad played last year in Le Mans in the Euroleague as a starter, he can give some minutes in the Euroleague at least as a subtitute. When Eliyahu came to Maccabi most people didn't believe that he will become so good. so we need to give Limonad a chance.
here is the point. if we wanna be again and soon a great team we shouldnt add a "give a chance players", but great players.i know we have no money, but in europe now there are soo many good players that is very easy even to build a great team with a mid budget,but u need good eyes to see who could become a champ. limonad, in my opinion, already let everybody see that couldnt become a champ. obviosuly ,my opinion. wnenerve u have any new rumors about future, i ll appreciate a lot u will let me know here
I will try to update you whenever I find somthing solid, a lot of names runing around in the Israeli sport media, even though most of the names not even really a candidate to Maccabi.
with the loss of tau i guess they will press again ely for next year. any news about it? teams for next year who are out of the f4 should start planning new roosters now , i hope macca already understood who are the right players to add for next year. it will be stupid to let time go .
One of Maccabi owner's say that TAU made an offer to Eliyahu that Maccabi cannot compare, but Maccabi will as hard as they can to keep Eliyahu, so i guess it is up to Eliyahu, he can go to the big money in TAU or stay in Maccabi for less.

Maccabi is planing for next season, it is for sure, Gershon went to the Eurocup top8 to scout players (including Eidson), and there many talk's about how will be in Maccabi next season, but nothing is yet soild since the season is not over yet and team's are still playing (you can't negotiate with player when he has contract in other team).
Andrew Wisniewski signed with Maccabi Tel-Aviv for 2 years (starting next season), his salary will be 850,000 $ per season. source (translated from Hebrew by google).

Wisniewski stats from the Russian Suproleague

It isn't offical yet, but according to diffrent sites the offical announcement will be only in the end of the season.
thanks for the news gambit. i knew there were plans on Wisniewski but i get by u that is something vry close to be official. wich is your opinion about him? i leraned he is a classic playmaker and that's a great choise in this case, because we need a more rational way of play. rhis will surely means m.brown will have more long shot chances and i'm sure that after this addition macca will add another small shooter because there wouldn't be any reason having a rational playamaker without shooters. what about edison lately and what about players from unicaja maccabi seems to be interested in?
Eidson is very-very close to sign with Maccabi (some sites even say that Eidson already signed). few news site's say that Velickovic (from Partizan) will join also, but I find it hard to believe since Velickovic is under contract and Maccabi doesn't pay usually buy-out's for players. that about it.

Casspi will most likely will go to the NBA if he will be first-round pick.

I think Wisniewski is a more scorer than a true PG, but if Eidson will sign too that wouldn't be a problem. Gershon like's that there is at least 3 ball-handler's on the court all time, so all of them can be a playmaker's and all of them can be a scorer's.
gambit that probably means(for me finally) arroyo out>!i deeply hope so!. velikovic, i' d love it! do u think that with edison wisniewski and velikovic, plus brown ely fischer ,macca can be considered in the first line next year? i still don't think so and i still hope in lavrinovic (that macca would like since 2007), but it well be a good team for qaurte finals
There are reports in Lithuania that Paulius Jankunas could sign a contract with Maccabi. Any news about that from Israel?
vilius ypur rumors confirm to me that finally maccabi will search a different way of play. finally we could play as everybody play in euroope today: the slavian way of play.hope so and i like jankunas a lot, do u?
Quote:edison wisniewski and velikovic, plus brown ely fischer, macca can be considered in the first line next year?

I think Maccabi can be a Final-Four team with this roster Plus a good Center, and depending on who else is in the bench. Maccabi's players almost always are better on the court than they are better on paper.

about Jankunas, all the publication's in Israel are based on Lithuanian newspaper's. I am very skeptical about this publication, as I am skeptical about Velickovic publication. although Zalgiris financial problem's may encourage Maccabi to try and get Jankunas.
Quote:vilius ypur rumors confirm to me that finally maccabi will search a different way of play. finally we could play as everybody play in euroope today: the slavian way of play.hope so and i like jankunas a lot, do u?

Jankunas wasn't and isn't my favourite player but he has certainly improved his game over the past two year. He is much mor consistent and useful this season. And according to the article mentioned, he was a target of Maccabi for a couple of years already.

Obviously his agent will try to get him the best deal available. And Maccabi certainly is a good option.
yes gambit a rooster like that it could be a very good rooster but it will be very far from cska pana barca real unfortunatly anyway in my opinion. i know macca would like lavrinovic , and it will be a mervellous player , i still hope for him
I like Gershon and Druker moves. I think they will put all their weight on bringing Eidson as their leading player and adding wisniewski will give some quiet to the system so other position can be filled. I sure hope Jankunas will come in a logical payment.
unfotrunatly lately a great italian expert who knows wiesniewski since he played in udine, told me he is a really normal player. i dont know him very well but i trust on him. adding normal players is not the right policy to build a team at least for quarter finals
Moxur, I don't know if one italian expert can decide weather Wiesniewski can be a great player or a custom player. It depends on many elements, sometimes u can get J R holden and somtimes you can get D'or Fischer and sometimes u can get Carlos Arroyo, and we all know the differences between them all. I think the main idea behind Wiesniewski (god what an awful last name to spell) is to get a new ambition talented PG, one who is wiling to do his best in oreder to get to a higher level and build the right team surounding him. It's much more risky than signing Papaluks or Planinic, but you might have a chance to get the "big ticket" with much less money, much like Maccabi did every year. If Wiesniewski will foind out to be a big steal it will be great for Maccabi. I think it's a great move. I also would like Arroyo to stay, btw, I think he's a superb in europe, but I also think he wont stay. He is basicly too much expensive.
hi u probably read by me, i m deeply hoping arroyo will leave. i consider him the main reason os a so bad season in euroleague. points of view obviuosly and i tried to explain my reason here . about wsnsk(better way of writing his nameSmile,well , i know we have less money than other teams and i hope he could be great for us, but he has two of the last three seasons not so good and yes, u can hope in every player but there are different levels of players. i always say that in the east of europe and in the ex jugoslavia states,there are maaany great young players . if u search there u will find champs of the future instead of adding players who failed last years.if u add a player who was cut in udine , is more probable he will not be a champ than he is. hey, obviously i deeply hopw un are right instead of my friend. i dont know wsnsk so well. about arroyo let me tell what i think about him. one of the worst starting 5 players i saw since i see maccabi. if u didn't read my reasons and wanna talk about him it could be interesting for me
moxur. I got tired of reading about Arroyo.. I feel sorry for the guy (as hard as it could be for feeling sorry for some one who gets 2.5 M$).I think you're little exaggerating with Wsnksy (Smile) he gave very good numbers accrors europe (7 games 12ppg 70% for 2 and 50% for 3 in the euroleague, Germany league top scorer, ), kicked Dynamo out of the playoffs. He's not that kind of a "cat in a sack".
guy u are from israel. be honest, ma i the lonlely whio hate arroyo way of play? ma i the lonley in israel and among macca fans ,who think he was the main reason of our disaster? about wsnsk , iw wasnt my opinion, i don't know him

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