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Hi There
Nice to meet everyone here,

I'm John from Malaysia and I'm huge supporter of Argentina.

I find this forum a great place to discuss basketball, not just NBA but on the international scene as well Biggrin
Hello John, I'm glad that this forum attracts people. Please stick around and post well. Since you are Argentina fan, how do you feel after FIBA Americas Championship?
Welome mate

Stick around Thup
Welcome soulheads, nice to have an Argentinian around here Wink
Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht.
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Thanks everyone,

I feel so happy about Argentina's recent FIBA Americas success. It feels good to know that we're going to the Olympics without having to play in some FIBA qualifying tournament next year. Biggrin

Just for the info, I'm also writer for blog called Mundo Albiceleste. I would like all of you check it out.

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