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Hey Im new here, and I started playing basketball about 2 weeks ago
Hey everyone,

So I started playing basketball here in paris for the RCF, and lets say Im extremely new at this..

so much that I cant understand half of the time what the hell my coach is talking about..

For ex the other day he told me to buy compression shorts.

What the hell are compression shorts? i googled it and I found these and these help me much, cuz I still can't understand what it is... why is it expensive..

And for the 2 seconds zone, I mean seriously do they really watch everyplayer, and count two seconds..

You might think Im crazy asking you these question, but i really like this sport, but I have no idea how to play it (dont worry my coach knows hes teaching me, but there are some things he thinks I know and I have no idea... it sounds like chinese sometimes)

anyways hopesomeone out there can help me!

have a nice day!!

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Hey Im new here, and I started playing basketball about 2 weeks ago - by TonyParker - Nov 22, 2010, 12:35 pm

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