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hello guys im new to the forums and to basketball :)
hi everyone! i just joined this forum today and i wanted to ask for your tips on how to improve, first of all i have only been playing basketball for 4 months, but those 4 months have been about atleast 1 hour a day and i dribble all daylong while on youtube, eating, etc... and i also bring my basketball to school everyday, i just bought 2 more balls so i can do multi ball dribbling drills. i really want to improve because i have recently found myself enjoying sports more. throughout my 17 years on earth about 14 of those years were spent at home, i was homeschooled in america and all i did all day long was play video games and i never got into sports, 2009 i moved to the Philippines and i joined a real school, i was culture shocked at first but then i adjusted, i realized there is more to life than just video games so i joined table tennis undertraining, after hardwork with table tennis for about 2 years of playing about 5 hours a day after classes, i am finally a varsity, i recently got interested in basketball and so this is another journey, i plan to be just as dedicated as with table tennis, although i cant be sure to do 5 hours a day as basketball is tiring. so this is my video of how i play so far, can you guys please suggest things that i should correct, because my shots seem very wrong, btw im learning off youtube, throughout the video i have questions that i hope everyone can kindly help me answer. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!
Hi there, can't watch your video, it keeps on buffing anyway, your shot is a little off, if you need basketball tips don't hesitate to visit my website, i have great basketball tips for you there. here's the link:

goodluck with your training Smile
I respect your effort and adversity. After viewing your video and reading the entire description, it's clear that you're eager to learn new skills but that you neglected to ask your elders for advice
Very useful for me. Some tips is interesting.

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