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Gameweek 4
I will start with the place that I came from .

MTLV - Badalona.

I think Maccabi is going to win but it will be a tough fight till the end. both team got young and talented playres and both like the open court.
I edited your topic title so it describes it better. This was posted in 2006/2007 season topic but since you started this let's discuss it here <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->

Yesterday's results:


Tau Ceramica 68-65 Efes Pilsen


Panathinaikos 87-71 Roma

Partizan 101-92 Cibona


CSKA Moscow 83-67 Benetton

Aris TT Bank 74-72 Pau-Orthez

Today's matches:


Climamio - RheinEnergie

Prokom Trefl - Dynamo Moscow

Le Mans - Olympiacos


Unicaja - Union Olimpija

Maccabi Elite - DKV Joventut


Winterthur FCB - Eldo Napoli

Fenerbahce Ulker - Zalgiris

My predictions in % :

Climamio 80%-20% RheinEnergie

Prokom Trefl 30%-70% Dynamo Moscow

Le Mans 20%-80% Olympiacos

Unicaja 60%-40% Union Olimpija

Maccabi Elite 55%-45% DKV Joventut

Winterthur FCB 65%-35% Eldo Napoli

Fenerbahce Ulker 40%-60% Zalgiris
dude u'r giving to much chances to Climamio.. they are so bad this year...

Climamio 60%-40% RheinEnergie

Prokom Trefl 45%-55% Dynamo Moscow (it will be nice to see Beshok against Pap')

Le Mans 20%-80% Olympiacos

Unicaja 60%-40% Union Olimpija (hoping for Olj to keep heads above sea level)

Maccabi Elite 65%-35% DKV Joventut (MTLV is getting batter any game check Eliyahu and Simas in action)

Winterthur FCB 65%-35% Eldo Napoli

Fenerbahce Ulker 40%-60% Zalgiris
Maybe you are right but Germans don't look to strong either. But of course they can make a surprise. I Remember Bamberg last year.
told u u'r giving Calimamio to much chances.. I think it is good for the EL that German teams will make it at least to the final 4, the league need strong and wealthy fans that will spent money.
Yes you were right. Climamio fired Fabrizio Frates and appointed Ergin Ataman as a head coach. That should change things round for them.

Tau Ceramica 68-65 Efes Pilsen

Climamio Bologna 86-90 RheinEnergie

Prokom 60-49 Dynamo Moscow

Panathinaikos 87-71 Lottomatica Roma

Partizan 101-92 Cibona

Winterthur FCB 91-71 Eldo Napoli

Fenerbahce Ulker 84-75 Zalgiris

CSKA Moscow 83-67 Benetton Treviso

Aris TT Bank 74-72 Pau-Orthez

Le Mans 81-88 Olympiacos

Unicaja 62-55 Union Olimpija

Maccabi Elite 92-75 DKV Joventut

It was a nightmare for Zalgiris yesterday. Result after first quarter was 27-10. Similar difference lasted for almost all the match. Only in the 4th quarter Zalgiris managed to cut the lead and even had a chance to catch Fenerbahce when 1:30 was left to play. Defence yet again was poor. In addition offence wasn't working either. So many missed shots. Coach should take the blame for this. We have good players but the coach is very unexperienced. He can coach in LKL but not in Euroleague. If it was Lietuvos Rytas he'd be already fired <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin --> I wish we had Butautas or another Lithuanian coach in charge.
how was Penny? I heared that he played less minutes. Are u happy with this guard?
He was signed as a replacement for Marcelino who was injured at the start of the season. Penney's contract expirs at the end of November and it depends on the coach wether it will be extended or not. Penney has a good shooting and he was a nice surprise. He was scoring almost 15 points in LKL, BBL and maybe 10 in Euroleague. His problem is defence. Penney is really poor in zone defence. When playing one on one he isn't good either. His guarded player is usually faster and defeats Penney's defence easily. A game vs Fenerbahce was one of his worse games. I want Zalgiris to keep him for at least this season.
In maccabi his biggest problem was that Gershon liked 3 dribling guards on court that can set the offense quickly, but Penny didn't got those abilty . that is why he spent his time on the bench.

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