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Gameweek 14
Thanks to Siena for winning against Oly and giving Žalgiris 4th place. Žalgiris played well only in the 1st quarter. TAU Ceramica were the favourites but yet again Žalgiris looked hopeless from the 2nd quarter and especially 2nd half. I will reapeat myslef for the 3214654th time and say that this is Grigas fault. If we agree that Marcus Brown is the best shooter in the club then what would the coach do? Create plays to get him open to shoot you'd say. What we saw last night? Brown was guarded so tightly that he had to run in circles to lose his defender and that didn't help. What about his team mates? They played like there was no Brown on the court and tried score themselves. Only once Goran Jurak set the wall and Brown hit the three. One player doesn't make a team. True. But if you spend money and to sign a top class player you would try to get most of him, wouldn't you. Maybe Grigas has the best tactical ideas in his mind but the fact is that we see nothing on the court. And even in the 4th quarter Žalgiris was down by 8 at the beginning. Any team thinking about the win would get aggressive and try to make a run to make the score at least level. What happened last night? Žalgiris score their first point in the middle of the quarter. After that they let TAU do what they wanted to do.

As sad as it is but I can't see them winning serious games in Top 16. 4th place in a group of death, as it was called before the season, is a good result considering the fact that TAU, Olympiacos, Montepaschi were all defeated in Kaunas. But the way that the team plays even when they win gives little confidence.

Marko Milic vs Pape Sow <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Biggrin' />


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