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Unfortunatelly replies to this topic were lost but we have some news.

Quote:In accordance with the wishes expressed by the ULEB Assembly at its meeting in Slovenia earlier this month, ULEB has studied in-depth the proposed expansion of the ULEB Cup and has confirmed the participation of at least 48 teams in the competition next season. The popular demand on the part of clubs across Europe to take part in the ULEB Cup means that the competition will now be played for basketball fans in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and also in nine new countries that didn't play ULEB Cup last season, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Ukraine - a total of at least 24 countries. The criteria applied to the selection of the teams has taken into account both current and historical sporting success to assure the broadest and strongest possible competition. The national ranking is the basis on which the majority of teams have been selected, while wild card choices have been employed to recognize the historical and strategic importance of other teams. Due to the great amount of requests by clubs to be part of the ULEB Cup, more teams are still being considered. A definitive configuration will be decided before the competition's regular season draw at the end of the month in Jesolo, Italy.

It is good to see new countries included so it will take the level of basketball up there as clubs will be investing. It will mean a slight decrease of ULEB Cup level but it will benefit in the future.

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