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Eurochallenge Final 4
Virtus Bologna against AEL from Cyprus.Very good game and Virtus is in final after 83-69.Russian BC Triumph is lose in semi-final against Cholet Basket from France 81-78 after dramatic finish.Final is in Saturday 17:30 and for third place is 15:00 all games live.

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Bologna won.
Bologna has a perfect team and this cup they deserved.You see that Bologna has lose from Montepaschi Siena 89-86.I think that team is very good for Euroleague.And they been next year in Euroleague.
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On Final four for 2009/2010 in semi-final

Goettingen - Roanne 77-67

Goettingen advanced into the EuroChallenge Final. The German team edged out Roanne in front of supportive home fans.

Scavolini PS - Krasnie Krilya 70-73

They held off Scavolini Spar Pesaro in the intense semifinal clash in Goettingen tonight.

Final tomorrow Goettingen - Krasnie Krilya.
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Does the winner of the Eurochallenge get any award like direct qualification to the next year's Eurocup?
[quote name='Vilius' date='02 May 2010 - 11:35 AM' timestamp='1272796542' post='21057']

Does the winner of the Eurochallenge get any award like direct qualification to the next year's Eurocup?


That's right.
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Goettingen claimed the 2010 EuroChallenge title. The German team supported by the home fans defeated Krasnye Krylia for the crown.(83-75).

I think that they will shut down the competition before 2012.
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