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Watch Mike Peraltas second dunk magical
High school contest between Vince CArter and Pierce when they where in college or high school not sure which

What more can i say beautiful

Nate Robinson i always thought he was 5'9 th9is video says 5'8 enjoy
The basket is very low in teh first video. Even I could make dunks like that in such a low basket

Vince Carter is Vince Carter nothing else to say. While Jason Richardson is my favourite dunker in NBA.
yah in the first video the basket was probs about 7 foot but still foot on wall between the legs is cool
not really a dunk but great anyways
Probably the best dunker at the moment - Jordan Kilganon:

(Oct 31, 2016, 9:36 pm)talkbasket Wrote: Probably the best dunker at the moment - Jordan Kilganon:

Damn! That was magnificient!
[Image: s36ua1m.jpg]
This is my favorite dunk of all time by the all time best in game dunker.

I also found this article that has videos of the top dunkers in the NBA.
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Same, Vince Carter's Dunk of Doom is one of my favs.

He's easily the best dunker of all time, no questions. On practically all of the "best dunkers" lists (like this one), he's a the top, and for good reason.

Aside from that though I'd probably pick a couple from MJ just because of the sheer athleticism he had to throw down slams

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