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Basketball DVDs Sales
Feel free to email me at

below is my basketball list
Thincpro monthly subscription programs (up to 2 years)
Ganon baker monthly subscription programs (up to 2 years)
Micah Lancaster monthly subscription programs (up to 3 years)
Lynsel Fennely monthly subscription programs (up to 3 months)
Mike Lee monthly subscription programs (up to 3 months)
1.      SUPERHANDLES ADVANTAGE <<< readily downloadable (10 DISCS)
2.      Superhandles Subscription Program – Month 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
3.      Superhandles extra volume workout (16 DISCS) + mp3

The IMPACT BASKETBALL by Joe Abunassar
NEW! 3+ Hours Shooting PLUS Course
Drew Hanlen

>>> Pure Sweat Basketball Rebounding-Drill-Book-PDF by drew hanlen
>>> Decision-Making-Drill-Book by Drew Hanlen
>>> Pure Sweat Basketball Team-Toughness-Drill-Book-PDF by Drew Hanlen
>>> Pure Sweat Basketball Transition-Drill-Book by Drew Hanlen

PGC 365 Training
Micah Lancaster - Weighted Tennis Ball Drill Set Vol. 1
Becoming a Performance Trainer Webinar - PJFPERFORMANCE
P.P.D Formula by rocky ullah
Pylovertical by coach rocky ullah
KyRidiculous by jesse muench
Pro Highlight Handles by jesse muench
cheat code shooting by Jesse Muench
PJF Performance Ball Handling
Stephen Curry's Masterclass
Custom Shot by coach Collin
The Scoring Power Packs
EGT X 2.0
Pro Scoring Secrets Chef Curry edition
How To Finish Over Anybody by KP
EGT X 2.0
Pat the Roc - The Complete Player
Pat the Roc – The Secret to Dribbling
Undersized Guard Essential Skills Package
Complete Vertical Jump Training System! (HD FULL VIDEOS)

CoachingULive 2017
Brendan Suhr - NBA Offensive Ideas To Apply To Your Team
Brendan Suhr - The Best Zone Offenses I Saw This Year
Bob Mackinnon - Practice Organization & Flow Offense
Jamie Dixon: How To Attack Zone Defense
Kurt Rambis: The Triangle Offense

- Kevin Eastman: 30 Quick Hit MUSTS of Coaching Your Team
- Jeff Bzedlik: Building a Defensive Foundation: from Transition to Pick & Roll
- Brendan Suhr: Defensive Schemes to Stop Top Scorers
- Brendan Suhr: Newest Concepts & Trends of the "Pistol"/ "21" Series
CoachingULive 2017 Ettore Messina Zone Offensive Concepts

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