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Foreign players limit in Euroleague?
At present Euroleague has no limits for the number of foreign players in the teams' rosters (or did I miss something?). However, probably all domestic leagues have such limitations. The thing is that they are very different in different leagues. Some leagues require not only to have no more than a certain number of foreigners but they also limit the number of foreign players on the floor at the same time. Meanwhile other leagues allow the number of foreigners to exceed the number of local players.

As a result of these difference we see teams in Euroleague compete with different rosters in terms of ratio of local and foreign players. An example of such rules in international competition could be the Champions League in football. For many years the teams were allowed to register and play with any squad they want until recent years when the rule that the team must have a certain amount of local players was introduced. Do you think there should be some limits set by Euroleague? If so, why? And what should the limit be?
In Israel we have the "Russian rule" (I think the name comes from where it came from) it says a team has to have at least 2 Israelis on the court at any time.

About my opinion, times have changed and teams became more profesional, many thinks you can't have a big conection to your team as few decades ago, I can't really know cuz i didn't live back then but IMO you're a fan not for the local players, and you don't love your club for the ammount of local players and their role in the team, that's how it is these days in most of the teams, and I think that if you want to see local players there are NTs for that and that's why there are NTs international competitions.
I think you can't play it both ways: when you have teams like Montepaschi and Maccabi who have nearly no dependence on Italian or Israeli players respectively, you can't say they represent Italy or Israel. Just because the team plays in a certain country doesn't make it a representative of that country IMO. You need some kind of connection to the local scene.

That being said, I'm not necessarily for limiting the amount of foreign players on a team. Every team should decide whether the local connection is important enough to them in order to give local players more playing time and roster spots. If not, fine. A foreign player limit would give an unfair advantage, IMO, to teams from countries which consistently produce great basketball players (Serbia, Spain, Greece, etc.) over teams from countries that aren't as advanced locally (Israel, Poland, Germany, etc.). Imagine where Prokom would be this season without one of their star foreigners, or where Maccabi would be with just 3 Americans.

I'm for local rules which limit foreigners because that gives local players more playing time and improves the overall level of local talent, but I think a Euroleague-wide rule wouldn't really help that cause and would just lower the level of competition and create an unfair advantage for the Spanish and Greek teams.

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