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The most spectacular player in Euroleague?
We are used to the topics such as "the best player in Europe". But what about the most spectacular player? A player who makes more unusual plays than others do. A player who can make circus shots, dribble the ball extremely well, make unbelievable passes etc. So who in your opinion is the most spectacular player in Euroleague?
Alan Anderson is definatly one of the most spectacular players in Europe, so is doron Perkins (both are great penetrators)
I think a strong case could be made for Rubio. His passing alone is enough to make him a candidate, but his dribbling isn't too shabby either. He also looks for the "circus" plays, and actually tries to play spectacular basketball.
Indecisive! I want to read others' candidates. Smile
My opinion is Milos Teodosic.Man with impossible passes also with great shots.

[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
i still couldnt forget Anthony Parker ! + Bodiroga
it used to be saras imo. the ones that come to mind now, are rubio, alan anderson, david logan, qyntel woods, josh childress. i'll decide later, hopefully there will be some more candidates
Schwach wie flasche leer
I think Childress is just athletic and thus the result is some athletic dunks. Woods and Anderson have had some impossible plays in addition to their athleticism, though, so I'd consider them candidates. But as I said, Rubio is way above the others IMO.
I think: Teodosic
As I said in another thread, Teodosic is turning into a highlight machine. Each game he makes at least one amazing pass. Here's his latest piece:

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