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Israeli final four 2009/10
The Final Four system certainly gives better chances to all teams but on the other hand, Maccabi still has the biggest budget in Israel. They have the best players too. All they have to do is to be motivated and the job will be done. Besides, how many times have Maccabi won Israeli league in the past two decades?

Was this system in Israel all the time or has it been changed only recently? If so, when? It seems a bit strange that the most successful Israeli club has so little influence on the league. Couldn't they at least ask the league to reconsider the current format?
[quote name='MaccabiTA' date='29 May 2010 - 11:03 AM' timestamp='1275156227' post='21432']

In both euroleague and NCAA the system wasn't made especially to hurt one team and take championships from it. That's the difference, and maccabi doesn't have the home court ad. In the FF, other teams got (or can get) as much fans as maccabi.

Don't act like you don't know that, the whole FF shit was made ( and he said that loud and clear) to take the championship away from Maccabi, now if it was made as part of an idea to serve the whole league I could get it, but it is well known playoffs could make more money for teams from tickets and tv rights, they do this shit, even though it's against the sense of every sane person, and why? To take the championship from maccabi, that's not very fair.


Does it matter what the purpose behind the system is? It's still the same system! Why don't the big colleges or the big Euroleague teams complain about it and only Maccabi do? Even if its purpose is to make it easier for other teams to win championships, Maccabi are still heavy favorites.

And Maccabi DO have home court advantage: they still have the by far the largest amount of fans (except vs Jerusalem when it's about 50/50), like now in the finals (6,000-7,000 Maccabi fans and less than 1,000 Galil fans). Also, all the games are on their home court! How is that not home court advantage?

Vilius, the system was changed a few years ago (I think 5). Maccabi are against the format but the league isn't willing to change it because all of the other teams are for it.

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