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Euroleague Fantasy manager at TheSportCity.Net - III season
TheSportCity.Net has launched its third season of Euroleague Fantasy manager.

Market is already open, first game will start on 11th of October, season will end in May. Due to the changes of Euroleague format, there are going to be 27 tours. Squads are ready, except the last team, which will joined others through qualification tournament.

Three first places will receive TheSportCity.Net prizes. 4-7 places will receive credits.

You can create your team here.

You can create your private league here.

You can start tournament here.

You can start your Fantasy league here.

Clans will also be able to participate in team event. Best three clans will receive credits.

If you are not a member of a clan, you can join one, or you can start your own.

You can start your clan here.

Have fun and enjoy Smile.

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