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Barcelona 2010/11
Regal Barcelona will exercise the option to terminate the contract of Lubos Barton. The 30-year-old Czech forward, who arrived in 2008 from DKV Joventut, has only played 6 games in the ACB league with Regal Barcelona after starting the season injured, averaging 5.2 points and 0.8 rebounds.
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Regal Barcelona could release Roger Grimau

Regal Barcelona is undecided about the future of Roger Grimau, captain of the team. The 31-year-old forward is at the end of his expiring contract, though the Spanish club has an option to extend his contract for one more year, but Regal Barcelona could be considering other options to complete the roster.
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Gianluca Basile will play in Italy if Regal Barcelona doesn't extend his contract

Gianluca Basile is at the end of his contract with Regal Barcelona, and is waiting for an extension offer from the new board of the club. The 35-year-old Italian guard, who told recently that he wants to play in an Euroleague team, will return to Italy if finally Barcelona decides not to resign him.
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Mickeal could leave the team as he is underpaid and in bad terms with certain people in the management
Schwach wie flasche leer
Regal Barcelona releases Lubos Barton
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Regal Barcelona extends Terence Morris' contract to two more seasons.
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Boniface N'Dong, Jordi Trias and Xavi Rey could leave Regal Barcelona
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
Joe Ingles has played good so far for Barcelona. Good deal

Barcelona has a multi-year offer on the table for Fran Vazquez. but Vazquez wants to wait for an offer of the Orlando Magic.

They are very interessed in bringing him over next year and Vazquez wants to go the NBA. Orlando and Vazquez are going to wait to see if there will be a lock-out in the NBA next year. Barcelona does'nt want to wait
Regal Barcelona wants Doron Pekins for the next season
rubio plays bad. his organisation is bad.

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