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Duda Ivkovic's statement

Ivkovic seeking the resignation of the leaders of FIBA

Dusan Ivkovic called FIBA leading people to apologize for bad reffering in his team's semifinal match against Turkey, or to resign.

"We played a very quality game against Turkey, but what happened on the field ... From first to last second there were two completely different judicial criteria, but to us not received any word of apology. Is this normal? Do all fall into oblivion due to high sponsorship contract, the cost of breaking basketball, "said Ivkovic.

Serbia lost in the semifinals of the host Turkey to 83:82, when he received a basket half a second before the end, but the home team was awarded a contentious situation, of which the coach singled out the fifth personal foul, Nenad Krstic and "unseen" foul on Novica Velickovic.

"If there are no comments and penalties, if the yarn through all this, it would blind and video-on expertise, we are in a big problem. If no ads, then (Lubomir) Kotleba, who has delegated judge, and (FIBA Secretary General , Patrick) Bauman, as head of the organization must submit a resignation for moral reasons, "said Serbia coach.

"I know what I say. This work, which has left Bora Stankovic will be destroyed," said Ivkovic.

Serbian coach said that two representatives Serbia justified punishment for their roles in a brawl in Athens, but that the same penalty should apply to judges. He was especially bothered why games do not lead the European team of officials from Europe.

One of the contentious moments in the match yesterday was when fauliran Omer Asik, who was the worst performer of free throws in his team, after which the simulated injury, a judge allowed to coach rather than inserted into a reliable performer penalties.

Ivkovic and blamed the judge for that organization.

"Before euroleague judges should not be converted. Not guilty bench that he was told 'lies', but FIBA as he was not told to get technical error if it does not rise. How I see the same judges sit still, and the players are punished. Therefore, a sponsorship contract must be met. Let me fine, that their small budget increase, "said Ivkovic.
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