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Coach Byron Scott Rocks a Swastika Tie at Cavs Media Day
WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR THAT MORNING??? follow the link to see the photo from this Monday and a tie that goes way beyond a fashion faux πασ.

[Image: custom_1286372745466_byronswastika.jpg]

Source: GetReal Hoops
Can't believe he didn't notice that. What a dummy.
Is this real?? Maybe he's color blind or something. Still someone should have caught it! Maybe he is Hindu that could be the reason. Rofl3 This doesn't really mater I guess but it's funny!
Why would anybody make a tie like that in the first place?
You're seeing the black lines... if you pay attention to the white lines, it isn't a swastika.
Respect and thanks for everything:

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[Image: vspa.jpg]

Quote:Why would anybody make a tie like that in the first place?

Seriously? Why? it seems that its obvious from the picture but it also looks like it may be slightly hidden in plain sight. I agree why would someone put a somewhat subtle swastika on a tie? I bet Byron would love to reset the day. LOL Maybe he needs his wife to dress him.
I don't understand why somebody would design such a ridiculous tie.
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