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<p>BoilX&nbsp; Apply a small portion of the BoilX to the bend of the elbow and wait a few hours. If itching, swelling or redness is not observed, the selected BoilX can be applied to the face. In the first days after buying the cream, carefully monitor the skin reaction. A tingling, burning or numb sensation is a sign that the product is not suitable for you. Do not expect the skin to "get used to" - an improperly selected BoilX can provoke severe irritations that will have to be treated. A woman will always find something to complain about in her appearance, and what she will not be too happy with. So, cheekbones, like any other part of the face, can cause displeasure and daily worries. Some complain of too prominent cheekbones, others complain of a lack of relief. Be that as it may, there are different ways to make cheekbones beautiful. The first method is available to almost any woman . It does not require significant financial investments, painful procedures and great cost of time. It would be a desire and a bit of skill. Of course, we are talking about cosmetics . With its help, you can achieve amazing visual effects. Pick a few shades of powder and blush. Colors should be close to each other, and shades of a tone or two different. With the help of light and dark strokes, you can "draw" the cheekbones, make them embossed or, conversely, visually soften too protruding parts. The principle of working with shadows and light is quite simple: everything that is highlighted in light shades seems larger, everything that is decorated with a darker shade is visually reduced. So, if you need to mark the cheekbones, apply a darker blush or powder under them, distribute a lighter shade along the cheekbone line, and mark the very top of the cheekbones with a light, light touch. Carefully blend the borders of the transitions of the shades to make the face look natural. And with the help of illuminators, which give the skin a light noble glow , your face will look simply luxurious . If you need to make the cheekbones a little smaller, use the opposite method described in the previous step.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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