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Caja Laboral
Every news about Caja Laboral will been writing in here and also the results of there games.

I have heard that Caja Laboral could have on "old" face back at the club next season. Andres Nocioni wants to buy out if contract with Philadelphia and return to Europe. He would like to return to his old club Caja Laboral. I think if Nocioni comes back, he would be a great addition for Caja Laboral. he's still a good player and he could help them a lot
Hey mates. Any Caja Laboral Baskonia fan here? I invite you to join our english facebook page "We are Baskonia: fans from all the world". Just click on the link and like the page. Wink All respect for all the fans from other teams. Thup

[Image: 32337_409657595754244_1682908347_n.jpg]
hey mates...any idea where i can find the recent real madrid-caja laboral clash for download?i heard it was a great game!!!!

thanks and cheers

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