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2011/12 NBA Draft, Signings, Rumours,Trades
Is the Howard-Bynum trade rumours for real?
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Is the Howard-Bynum trade rumours for real?


I don't get it. I do not believe that Bynum is nearly talented enough for Orlando to part with Howard. Howard is the best big man in the league, Orlando will get better offers than what LA can provide.

Think about this proposal which would work under the CBA (as it currently exsits).

Orlando trades:

Dwight Howard

Quentin Richardson

Oklahoma City trades:

James Hardin

Serge Ibaka

Kendrick Perkins

Nate Robinson

Oklahoma City could throw in draft picks to sweeten the deal. That is a way better deal for Orlando in my opinion than Bynum. I am sold on Ibaka's potential, Perkins is already a legit big man and Hardin is a solid young scorer. Nate Robinson is pretty useless but he'd be an expiring contract (asset at the trade deadline).

For Oklahoma City it would mean giving up a lot but a trio of Westbrook, Durant and Howard would be the best trio in the league. They would lose two very talented big men but they would still have Nick Collison and they have Cole Aldrich coming along. Quentin Richardson is getting old and is equally useless to Nate Robinson, albeit he has 3 years left on his contract. Taking on Q is really just another perk to entice Orlando to make this move.

The fact of the matter is that I am sure that Orlando could get much better offers than Bynum.
Dwight Howard to the New York KNICKS. You heard it here first. I dreamed it a couple nights ago it has to be true. :-D Seriously with the lockout coming up there is no telling what could happen. I'm hoping Howard just walks....
That Orlando/OKC trade does make more sense, but if Howard went to the Lakers it wouldn't just be a straight up Howard for Bynum swap. They'd include someone like Gasol or Odom and then someone like Derrick Fisher. Maybe even a draft pick.

If I were Howard I would probably want to go to OKC over LA. Jerry Bus has proven that he's willing to make moves to surround his super stars with other stars and the Lakers franchise has a way better track record than OKC, but when you look at it long term who would you rather play with? An aging Kobe who's without Odom/Gasol and Bynum or a couple of 22 year olds like Durant and Westbrook who will only get better?

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